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Thanks Sweetieline!

Looking for ways to promote our game, we reached out to some gamers and cosplayers asking for some help to promote High School Days, and we would like to thank Sweetielin3! Not only did she agree on helping us out, she also went out of her way to create a Chloe cosplay!

@sweetieline__ Este cosplay me parece muy cute❤️ Mi Instagram: sweetielin3 #cosplay #videogame ♬ оригинальный звук - вилсон ? - aypiks

Believe us when we say this is a dream come true! Seeing a world-known cosplayer dressing as one of our characters... Man, what an honor!

A few years back, when it was only Jorge Break and RichyCapy in the team, we talked and imagined it, asking each other if one day, we were going to reach the point in which our game will be in conventions and cosplayers will be dressing as our characters, and, well, we did it!

Thanks, Sweetielin3 for making this possible! I hope we can keep collaborating in the near future ????

And for everyone, go check all of her media:
Sweetieline @ Instagram 
Sweetieline @ TikTok
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