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Version 0.035 is out

Finally, the 0.035 update is available to EVERYONE, with some major changes to the gaming system to make it even more enjoyable and easier to follow.

Here are some of the features added to this version of the game:

  •  Redone and fixed user stats system
  •  Redone and fixed characters' stats system (It will now give a guide to each character on your phone; full stats will appear once you get the person's phone number.).
  •  Redone and more items added to the "To-do" System
  •  Redone and fixed the Inventory system
  •  Fixed Willy sprite
  •  Fixed returning the lawnmower to Emma
  •  Fixed sending messages to some characters not working properly
  •  Fixed saves not saving the correct info
  •  Fixed Jessica not showing at the beach sometimes
  •  Fixed lots of small details and typos
  •  Added new clothing to Sophie x 2, Ginger, MC x 3, Ms. Principal x 2, Chloe, Latisha, Felicia, Willy, Spike, Lillian, Violet, Darkness, Emma, Frida, Jessica, and Tara
  •  Marked important menu options (The exclamation mark on the top right while choosing an option means the question will impact the future of the story)
  •  Added a new character: Phill (As a Patreon request)
  •  Added a new drinking minigame
  •  Added a new picture of a student
  •  Added a new repeatable scene with Ms. Principal (Don't skip classes... hehehe)
  •  Added a new event, "Rave Event," with new videos and pictures for the gallery
  •  Added "Watch TV" alone and with Chloe
  •  Added the forest with 4 locations
  •  Added the mall with 5 locations

Since some major changes were made to the core programming, all the previous saves won't work anymore, so you'll have to start over since the variables changed, but all of your gallery progress will remain unaffected.

We want to thank everyone for your constant support during this past hard month. Because of all of you, we didn't stop working and continued pushing forward even in tough times. 

We also thank everyone who downloaded and played the game. Your feedback was amazing and allowed us to make some changes to the game and the story.

For all of our Sophie Patreons and up, remember there is a walkthrough available for you at our site, but we sincerely hope it's no longer required since we really made it abundantly clear what you have to do to follow the story.

We have already started to work on the next version, hoping not to take too long before bringing some news. And now, without further adieu, here is the game: https://www.thehighschooldays.com/downloads/

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