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Beta version 0.035 is out

It’s been a long and complicated road, but we got there! We present the release of the beta version 0.035 for our beta testers (Chloe Patreons and up).

This version is a complete, playable game, but only staff members have tried it out and tested it, so it serves as a way for other people to play it and get some feedback regarding the changes and the new additions made to the game.

Unfortunately, since some of the core code was modified, the older saves won’t work anymore. You will have to play it from the start, but everything unlocked will remain unlocked. We hope this is the last time we have to rely on this, but all the bugs with the saves, inventories, stats, to-does, and characters were fixed. These errors didn’t show up for everyone, but a few players had some problems, so they needed to be fixed.

We hope our beta testers enjoy the game, and if there aren’t any significant issues, we will be releasing the public version in 2 or 3 days.

Download it here: https://thehighschooldays.com/betaversion/

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