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We are a few days from launching our Beta release!

After a few months of hard work and very, very sad news, we are just a few days from our Beta release. For those who don’t know what this means, it’s a pre-release of the game to our higher Patreons so they can test the game before it is completely finished and try and point out any bugs it might have. Is not a fully complete version of the game, but is pretty close to it.

Once all beta players have said there are no bugs, we will release the game to everyone else; this typically takes 3 or 4 days.

On this release, we redid a lot of the core programming so we could fix the stats and inventories and create a more complete and straightforward inner guide so the players can easily follow the events. We still think a game should have some challenges, so the new guide will help, but the player must keep looking for clues in the dialogues. EVERYTHING THE PLAYER HAS TO DO IS MENTIONED IN THE DIALOGUES.

Right now, we are just waiting for some animations to be done and to write the dialogue for the events in the following release. Thanks to the survey we created, we now know the direction we will take from now on. So, thanks to everyone who participated in it!

So, please, be a little more patient; we are almost there!

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