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New guide and log system

There has been some discussion about what some of our players ask or want for the game. Some say that it is too easy, that is has too little dialogue, and that we should make it a little more difficult. On the other hand, some players say that it is very difficult, that is has too much dialogue, and that we should make it easier.

We believe that the game should offer a little challenge and not make things so obvious. It should have gameplay and competitiveness. A little challenge gives the achievements value.

However, a common criticism is that the current guide is a little confusing, so we have decided remake it from scratch, making the system a little more clear, as if the player were taking notes of what he hears and sees with each character, and adding more lines to the TO DO list.

However, this implies that the old saved games will no longer work starting on the next launch date since it will use new variables.

With this, we hope to clear up a bit what the player should do to keep advancing and to make a log of key information on each of the characters.

These and other functions will be available in our next 0.035 launch which we hope will be soon.

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