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Version 0.02 is out!


It’s been a long and rough road, but our 0.02 version is finally here. During these past months, we had some tough moments, but thankfully, we were able to overcome. We had to say goodbye to some loved ones thanks to COVID. Some of our staff abandoned the project mid-way, so we had to look everywhere to find artists to help us with some backgrounds (you will notice the different style in some areas).

This is a really big update, since the first one was just to get the general idea out there and get some feedback. We had mostly positive replays; the only fallback was that the initial game was too short with only 3 characters and one sexy scene.

This update includes new locations, new characters, new dynamics, new quests, and new mechanics, all detailed on the change log file.

Also, we fixed the code, so we can add new content faster and allow the player to use the previously saved files. Right now, we are aiming for a release every 3 months, with new stories and characters every release until we all (creators and patreons) feel we have reached a good number of female characters.

Please remember this is a FREE game. However, only patreons get the uncensored version, so if you are thinking about helping us with the development of the game, you can try it first.

We already started working on the areas, characters, and story for 0.03 version, but for now and without further delays, here are the download links...

For the Patreon version (Uncensored), please go to https://www.thehighschooldays.com/downloads/ 

Public version (Censored)
PC: https://www.thehighschooldays.com/download/public/Henj6xeW5Jvc2qsLlxe7/ 
MAC: https://www.thehighschooldays.com/download/public/FWOlHuNFbKvW8klHixxy/ 

PC: https://www.thehighschooldays.com/download/public/ujCe9u7JyRlNpuBuNt1O/ 
MAC: https://www.thehighschooldays.com/download/public/40dv7QCW80HfFJsUBUZG/ 


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